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Prom Shoes, Formal Dress Shoes, and High Heels

Shop PromGirl’s collections of prom shoes and homecoming shoes by high or low heels, open or closed toes, or by color. You can easily explore all of the dress shoes available by selecting the View All option, or narrow your options by choosing to shop by color or clicking your preferred style to find your perfect prom shoes for any special occasion. There’s an assortment of high-heel prom shoes for a bold look, as well as a collection of low-heel prom shoes if you prefer to have short teen heels for prom. Explore the open-toe prom shoes if you plan to show off your pedicure, or check out the closed-toe dress shoes for classic designs that are sure to beautifully complement any prom gown. Prefer to shop dress shoes by color? Discover collections of homecoming and prom shoes in black, white, silver, gold, and clear. With so many ways to shop, you are sure to find your perfect prom shoes, high heels, short prom heels, or homecoming dress shoes at PromGirl.

Top 4 Types of Shoes for Prom

When it’s time to choose a type of prom shoes to go with your dress, you’ll quickly discover that there are so many designs to explore! While it might seem like a lot to shop through at first, you can make your exploration of prom shoes easier when you shop by style. Check out PromGirl’s top four dress shoe styles below, then decide on your favorite design.

  1. High-Heel Prom Shoes - The ultimate in sexy dress shoes, high heels give you a dramatic style boost! High-heel prom shoes can also help you skip hemming your gown by giving you another few inches in height. Consider wearing these bold shoes for prom if you need a height boost or if you can show off your teen heels through side slits or under a high-low or short skirt.

  2. Low-Heel Prom Shoes - Short prom heels have all of the gorgeous appeal of heeled dress shoes, but without the extra drama (and risk of face-planting). Maybe you want a little more height when standing next to your date, or you just want to be able to walk and dance comfortably in a pair of short heels for prom. Whatever your reason, prom shoes with low heels certainly have their advantages!

  3. Open-Toe Prom Shoes - Also known as peep-toe shoes, this sassy fashion can come in a variety of styles from flats to high heels. You’ll often find strappy high heels with open toes or prom sandals among this dress shoe design. The big perk to the open-toe prom shoes is that they show off your gorgeous pedicure.

  4. Closed-Toe Prom Shoes - When you think of classic dress shoes, closed-toe prom shoes are at the top of the list. But that doesn’t mean all closed-toe styles are vintage. Prom sneakers are a trendy twist on the traditional closed-toe prom shoes. Whether you prefer a timeless or chic design, closed-toe prom shoes have got you covered (literally).

Can’t choose just one favorite style of prom shoes? You’re in luck because you can, in fact, find shoes for prom with more than one of these top designs. There are prom heels with open toes, as well as closed-toe short prom heels and other combinations to explore. Start by shopping PromGirl’s collections of homecoming and prom shoes to complete your look.

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