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Shop Prom Heels and Dress Shoes by Color

Find prom shoes and heels at PromGirl in easily shopped color collections. When you know exactly which color of shoes you want for prom, simply select the black, white, clear, silver, or gold prom shoes category to explore a variety of styles in the color you need. Not sure which colorful shoes for prom you prefer? Check out each category to find shoe styles in colors that complement most prom dresses. Here at PromGirl, you will find assortments of shimmering metallic hues, like silver or gold. If classic, neutral shades are what you seek, be sure to explore the collections of white or black prom shoes. Of course, you could always skip color altogether by checking out the assortment of clear prom shoes! Search for the perfect matching dress shoes when you shop PromGirl’s collections of prom shoes and heels by color to find gorgeous formal footwear for any special occasion.

What Color Prom Shoes Should I Wear with My Dress?

The color of the prom shoes you choose to wear usually depends upon your prom dress color and style. If your prom dress is sparkling and flashy, then you’d probably want to go with simple prom shoes in a neutral hue to keep the focus on your dress. The opposite is usually true if you’ve got a simple style or neutral color prom gown. That kind of dress is the perfect canvas for prom shoes or accessories with splashes of color or the twinkle of rhinestones and glitter. If you haven’t picked your prom dress yet, or you’d prefer a classic prom shoe color that you can wear again for future events, then you’ll want to stick to one of the following prom shoe color options:

  • Black Prom Shoes: Black is an amazingly classic choice for prom that looks fantastic with darker-colored prom dresses. With the right addition of sparkle or ties, black high heels can offer an edgier appeal that works wonders with a very trendy formal dress.

  • White Prom Shoes: When paired with lighter-colored prom dresses, white prom shoes offer a subtle complement to the pale hue of your gown. White prom shoes are the ideal choice for sporting a lovely look that allows the dress to do most of the talking.

  • Gold or Silver Prom Shoes: If your evening dress is elegantly simple, a pair of gold prom heels or silver prom shoes can add a dash of razzle dazzle to your prom ensemble. Is your gown already dripping with silver sequins or luxurious gold detailing? Matching silver or gold prom shoes can beautifully extend the shine of dresses with these embellishments.

  • Clear Prom Shoes: Skip the worries about matching colors entirely with a pair of clear prom shoes. If a prom dress has mesh panels, clear prom shoes are a fantastic way to mirror the “illusion” look on the feet. Clear prom shoes also offer a princess-inspired look. Afterall, Cinderella had clear glass slippers!

Picking your perfect pair of colorful shoes for prom is almost as important as finding that dream gown. That’s why PromGirl offers a variety of prom shoe color collections for you to explore. Simply pick your favorite hue to discover classic and trendy styles of prom shoes by color.

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