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Shopping by event makes finding a picture-perfect dress for any occasion hassle free. From prom dresses to party dresses and all the event dresses in between, PromGirl has the largest online selection of special-occasion dresses to fit all your memorable moments. With styles for every event and prices to fit any budget, PromGirl makes buying dresses for special occasions a breeze. Just browse through the list of popular occasions below and select your event. Each section is carefully curated with stylish and trendy dresses that are appropriate for that event, so you won’t show up underdressed or overdressed. When you shop by event, you won’t have to worry that the dress you love isn’t suitable for the occasion. Looking for a spotlight-worthy prom dress? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the prom section to find styles by popular designers. Maybe you’ve been invited to a holiday party and need a winter dress to celebrate in style. Explore the holiday dress section to effortlessly find the right trendy look for you. Perhaps you’re planning to go out to dinner with friends. Look through the cocktail party dresses for a short sexy style you’ll adore. Don’t see your upcoming event on the list below? Not to worry! Consider how casual or formal your event is, then explore the casual, semi-formal, or formal dress sections for inspiration.

How to Dress for Any Occasion

Deciding what to wear to an event can be fun and exciting! When contemplating how to dress for any occasion, knowing what’s appropriate can take some of the stress out of finding the right look. To determine the best dress for the occasion, consider the following tips to eliminate any potential fashion faux pas.

Location: Knowing the location of the event can help you decide how to dress for the occasion. If your event is an outdoor family barbecue, you’ll want to take into consideration the weather since the event will be in the open air. Going to be a hot sunny day? Look for a short dress in a comfortable light fabric to keep you from being overheated while enjoying the festivities. Is your event on school grounds? Then not only should you dress appropriately for a school function, but you might also have a dress code to keep in mind when deciding on what to wear. Every location offers clues about how to dress for an occasion hosted there. So, as you shop by event, keep the location in mind to find a dress that’s great for the occasion and right for you.

Invite: Check out your invitation for any clues about your event’s dress code. Does the invite suggest that it’s a black-tie affair? In that case, you’ll need to be dressed to impress in a gorgeous formal gown. You can shop PromGirl’s collection of sophisticated formal dresses here. Does the invitation say it’s a religious event, such as a bar mitzvah or a church wedding? If so, shop Bar Mitzvah dresses and wedding-guest dresses to find modest styles that provide the right amount of coverage to ensure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Time of Day: The timing of your special occasion can also be a clue about the dress code. Some events that take place during the day are often more casual than evening events. Evening events tend to be more on the formal side. While there are exceptions to this handy tip, it’s good to keep the time of day in mind when determining what to wear to the occasion. So whether you are looking for a casual daytime dress or a formal evening gown, shopping by event is the best way to make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Host: Were you invited to a celebration, and you just aren’t sure what to wear? Have you considered the location, the invite, and the time of day, but you still can’t seem to decipher the dress code? Cut out the guesswork entirely by going straight to the source: the host! Who better to ask than the one in charge? The host can give you the inside scoop on how to dress for the party. Just be sure to ask any questions about your attire sooner rather than later so your host or hostess has plenty of time to give you suggestions. You can even consider checking out PromGirl’s different event sections, such as party or formal, with the host to find a style that’s fit for the occasion. You’ll want to show up to the event looking and feeling your best, so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions!

When you know how to dress for any occasion, you’ll feel more confident in your dress selections, no matter the event. Using the tips above will help you spend more time envisioning all the memories you’re bound to create and less time worrying about the appropriateness of your attire. Want to give yourself even more time to daydream about your plans? Shop by event at PromGirl to make buying your special-occasion dress easy and fun.

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