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Prom Clutches, Purses, and Handbags

Choose from the prom purses and prom clutches at PromGirl to complete your formal look. Here you will find prom handbags in various styles, as well as prom clutches in gold, silver, black, or white. Whether you want a beaded purse for prom, a sequined prom bag, or a classic satin clutch for prom, this assortment offers a variety of options that are sure to suit you and your formal dress. For a hands-free experience, there are prom purses with shoulder chains, prom clutches with wrist straps, and prom handbags with detachable straps. Shop this selection of prom bags and purses to find just the handbag you need.

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4 Tips for Choosing a Prom Clutch

Once you’ve picked out your prom dress, it’s time to choose a prom clutch to go with it. To complete your outfit for prom, you’ll want to choose a functional prom purse that enhances your look without stealing the focus from your beautiful gown. With that goal in mind, check out PromGirl’s four tips for choosing a prom clutch that complements your dress:

  1. Go Small (But Not Too Small). A smaller prom bag keeps all eyes focused on your stylish dress, but your prom clutch also needs to be big enough to hold everything you need. Think about what you’ll want to have on hand with you on prom night and try to visualize how it all might fit into your purse for prom. Test it too if you can! At the very least, you can do a phone test when checking out prom clutches by dropping your phone into it to see how it fits (most often, the phone is the biggest item going into your prom handbag anyway). If you need some advice on what to put in your clutch for prom, then be sure to read PromGirl’s blog What’s in a Prom Clutch?

  2. Be Purposeful with Your Color Choice. While you don’t have to go matchy-matchy with your dress and accessories (unless you want to!), you’ll still want to make sure that the prom clutch color you choose goes well with your gown. If you’re not going for a perfect or near-match of the color, consider boldly contrasting your dress with a funky prom clutch color for a daring or artistic look. Or you could go neutral for your prom purse color, making your pick a reusable style for future formal events. A prom clutch in gold, silver, black, or white complements most dress styles and colors, making it easy to mix and match with other dresses and special occasions.

  3. Decide on Simple or Glamorous. Since prom clutches can be simple and sophisticated or eye-catching works of art, keep in mind your prom dress style before choosing a side. If your gown is heavily beaded or sequined (already a work of art by itself), go for a simple clutch. If your dress isn’t so much flashy as softly elegant, consider more decorative designs for your prom clutch to add a dash of dazzle to your look.

  4. Keep Your Budget in Mind. Looking to make the most of your spending money? Go for prom clutch styles that you could use again for other dances or even date nights. This way, your prom purse becomes an investment that’s worth the cost. If you’re only planning on using your purse once for prom, then consider setting a price limit to keep yourself from overspending on it. Shop sales or filter items by the lowest price first in order to keep yourself focused on prom bags within your budget.

With these pointers on how to choose your prom clutch, you’re ready to shop! Explore PromGirl’s assortment of prom purses to find the perfect design for your big night. With so many styles and colors to explore, it may be hard to choose just one prom clutch. That’s ok! These prom bags are also gorgeous accessories for other formal dances and fancy celebrations, like homecoming, holiday parties, and wedding receptions.

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