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Plus-Size Graduation Dresses

Receive your diploma with pride in a plus-size white graduation dress. Then celebrate your accomplishments by stepping out of your cap and gown and into a plus-size graduation party dress. 

While it is traditional to wear white graduation dresses for convocation ceremonies, plus-size grad dresses in ivory, blush, or other pale hues are also stylish options that blend in easily under your gown. For your graduation party after the ceremony, you can wear your graduation dress or mix it up with a flattering and trendy plus-size graduation party dress. Planning to attend your friends’ grad parties too? Be sure to check out more styles and find something you love in the plus-size party dresses section. 

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    Under the Cap and Gown: What to Wear for Graduation

    Now that your final year is wrapping up, it’s time to jump into the fun: dressing up for graduation! Wondering about what to wear for your graduation ceremony? First and foremost, you’ll want to check your school’s dress code. Typically, graduation apparel should be modest and comfortable. Think business or dressy casual, such as a dress that would be appropriate for an office workplace. Once you’ve got your school’s requirements down, check out these three tips for choosing your plus-size graduation dress:

    1. Go for Comfort. When choosing a plus graduation dress, opt for a lightweight fabric to beat the summer heat for outdoor ceremonies. A stretchy material, such as jersey, has the added perk of making it easy and comfortable to go up stairs and walk across the convocation stage.

    2. Pick a Color that Blends. Unless your school’s dress code advises differently, you’ll want to go for a plus-size grad dress that easily blends in under the color of your cap and gown. For light-colored gowns, it’s best to stick to plus graduation dresses in white, ivory, or other neutral and pale shades. For dark gowns, you can wear almost any color since the dark hue will easily disguise other shades.

    3. Stick with Modest Designs. Go for a plus graduation dress with modest features to respect the official nature of the promotion ceremony. Knee-length and short grad dresses are go-to styles that are appropriate for the warm weather and fit easily under a graduation gown. A maxi dress is a comfortable option, but keep in mind that this style often adds volume and might be glimpsed near the hem of an ankle-length graduation gown.

    Whether you’re counting down to your last class or school is done, it’s the perfect time to prep your grad style. With the advice above, get ready to celebrate the end of one adventure and step into the beginning of a new one!

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